In Argentina, although most students either walk, are driven by parents, or take regular public transport to school, many of them use private buses carrying an identification and authorization to operate issued by the government in each city. They are usually white and orange and are mostly vans but also bigger transport-style buses. Parents pay the van owner a monthly fee to take their children back and forth from school. These vans are not generally affiliated to the school.

At BAICA there are a few bus service companies that operate exclusively transporting our students.  The following is the current list of private school bus services which have been approved to operate routes, field trips, and activity trips:

Servicios Escolares Jero
José R. Nuñez
4792-7293/ 155-247-5497
Transporte Escolar
Osvaldo Saavedra
4702-9935/ 155-308-3773

Parents are encouraged to contact the companies directly to schedule and arrange for transportation.