BAICA has a wonderful English library with a wide range of fiction and nonfiction books at all levels, from PreK to Adult. The fiction section contains most genres, including many with a strong Christian theme. Elementary and Middle School classes are taken to the library once a week with their Language Arts teachers to check out books to read for pleasure at home or for research purposes.

Our resource center offers an online catalogue that can be accessed at, and allows students and parents to search and browse the books, movies, and music at BAICA’s library from home.

BAICA library’s name, “The Rinehold Resource Center” is in honor of the many invaluable contributions of John, Ozella and Naomi Rinehold to our library and school.  Fueled by a quiet commitment to BAICA’s mission and a simple love of reading, the Rinehold family played a central role in making the library the wonderful resource that it is today.