The vision of having an international Christian school in Buenos Aires first emerged in 1997 and BAICA began as an academy.  That spring, a group of local parents became deeply concerned about the content, context and environment of their children’s education.  After ten months of prayerful research, planning, and legal organization, BAICA opened its doors to seventeen students on February 9, 1998 in Martinez.

BAICA expanded its enrollment and added grade levels.   It quickly outgrew the Martinez facility and found its next home – a school building in San Isidro – before the end of the second semester.  The building needed extensive repairs and renovations, but the BAICA community rose to the task and completed the work in time for the new semester – February, 1999.

The school survived the 2001 economic crisis but lost much of its student body as international investors withdrew their companies from Argentina.  Since then, BAICA has slowly rebuilt its population and, having outgrown the San Isidro facility in 2006, moved to San Fernando in 2007 and it started operating with the permission of the Provincial Argentine Education Authorities fully accredited.

Today BAICA stands as Buenos Aires’s only Christian international school.  It is a values-based school that provides an excellent Christian education from PK3 through grade 12 for the English speaking, International and Argentine communities in Buenos Aires.  Our international BAICA family is mostly composed of families from the corporate, diplomatic, missionary and local Argentine sectors.  There are about 17 nationalities represented within our student body of approximately 200 children. These families are seeking a high-caliber English speaking and biblical worldview in education. Their children graduate with dual degrees: US and Argentine. BAICA has been approved for all U.S. Embassy and British Embassy personnel residing in Buenos Aires.

Most of the classes are in English and the total immersion in the language is developed naturally, this system has been proved to be highly effective. Advanced Placement (AP) classes are offered so that each one of our high school students can be further academically challenged and are fully prepared to enter US Universities and Colleges.

BAICA’s teachers are qualified with many having advanced degrees, most of them from the U.S.  Every one of the teachers has come to share their heart with the students by teaching leadership, courage, and love in addition to the academic subjects.