The music program at BAICA is designed to develop creativity and musical talent through dynamic interactions among students with guidance of qualified teachers with broad knowledge of child development and group dynamics in a creative setting.

The music classes are dictated from Pre-K, Kinder, Elementary and High School with goals oriented towards the healthy musical development that will benefit cognitive and social skills.

During the first part of the school year, for Elementary ,the classes are oriented towards the learning and rehearsal of the school’s Christmas performance. The classes include games and musical experiences that help students learn the songs in a pleasant manner in order to perform confidently and enjoy the music.

Within the High School music program, the goals are to  develop musical creativity and  provide an opportunity to discover hidden musical talent; to provide a safe environment for creative music making to develop skills such as listening, self regulation, teamwork and accountability. The classes are structured in  two stages, in which the first stage is dedicated to the presentation and analysis of a particular musical experience and the second stage is dedicated to the creation of new arrangements of the contemporary repertoire.