As a bilingual international school, BAICA will have both core and elective classes taught in either English or Spanish.  Therefore, all students must have proficiency (social and academic) in both languages.  The ELL (English Language Learners) Program exists to support students as they develop the English language proficiency needed to be successful in English-based classes.

Applicants to BAICA with a mother language other than English will be tested using a standardized language test to determine proficiency.  Those who demonstrate limited proficiency will be placed in the ELL Program according to their need and available resources.  BAICA’s ELL Program consists of two types of services: Pull-out ELL and Content Support.

Pull-out ELL- students are pulled from the regular English/Language Arts class to work intensively in smaller groups with an ELL teacher.  These smaller classes will provide activities in speaking, listening, reading, and writing using a combination of specialized materials/ teaching strategies and modified classroom materials.

Content Support– during core classes (i.e. science or social studies) an ELL teacher works with the mainstream teacher in the classroom to provide instructional strategies, build background, and offer clarification that will allow the language learner(s) to participate with their peers in grade-level content activities.

Please Note

  • ELL support is only available for students in second through eighth grades.
  • There is an additional fee for ELL Program.
  • There are Minimum Language Requirements for students wishing to enter at the secondary level.
  • At the high school level, ELL classes do not count towards credits needed for graduation.
  • Students will be re-assessed semi-annually to determine progress.