At BAICA, we believe that all of our students are “greatness in the making.” Our challenge as a school is in guiding these same students to understand and believe this truth.  Due to such a complex and diverse group of students and needs, it becomes more evident that individualized attention and support is the greatest tool in the process.

Many of our students are “third-culture” kids, who are well acquainted with transitions and yet deeply impacted by them.  We also keep in mind that even our local students become “children-of-transitions,” as they themselves are constantly exposed to the revolving dynamics of an international school.

It is with these dynamics in mind that our guidance department develops programs and services to guide and accompany our students in their transitions and development.

Guidance services include the following:

  1. Counseling students in academic and personal matters
  2. Planning with students for their future educational and career plans
  3. Limited testing of students for diagnostic, placement, and counseling purposes
  4. College counseling and placement
  5. Referral of students and families for outside-of-school counseling services
  6. Consulting with parents/guarding, teachers, and administrations on student related issues

The guidance department is a way becomes the heart of the school by helping create a safe environment where students can learn.  The department works in designing intervention to enhance our students’ success; helps students learn anger management, and conflict resolution skills. I is also important that we help our parents, teachers, and administrators in learning how to best meet the needs of our students.