The High School counselor is available to work with students as they plan their transition from high school into college. The school offers several workshops that are incorporated in the student’s schedule in order to help maximize the high school experience and prepare them to enter colleges/universities.

For each grade, the information shared seeks to address issues that will equip and guide the students in making better decisions and choices in their academic journey. Below are presented for each grade:

Grade 9

Working through High School

Designed to help the student understanding the high school experience, expectations, and the method of grading and familiarize them with a transcript.

Study Skills

Designed to provide students with successful methods in studying, note-taking, and test-taking.

Grade 10

Looking Ahead

Designed to help students begin thinking about career choices and the process that will guide them towards those goals.

Time Management

How to manage personal life, school life, home life, and still be able to sleep and rest.

Grade 11

Understanding your Personality

Identifying and understanding one’s personality and the uniqueness of it.

My Personality and Study habits

Understanding how individuals with different personalities study differently, and learn under different conditions.

My Personality and My Career

Looking at relations between careers and personalities.

Grade 12

Senior Seminar

For our seniors, we provide a class in their last year that will accompany  and help them organize in the process of college entry.  The class assists seniors in organizing their college application and informing them of deadlines for applications, essays, letter of recommendations, college entrance exams, and any other questions they may have.  No matter which country the student is planning on going to attend college, the counselor can be of assistance.