As a BAICA student, one of the most deeply rewarding experiences is sharing one’s time, skills, and knowledge with others through community service.  It is an important aspect of our community that all students are required to do at least 20 hours of service per semester.  These are some of the special activities we also offer:

Week Without Walls

Each year our students and faculty fan out across different communities in Argentina to develop new friendships and meet the material and spiritual needs of those they have been sent to serve.

Below are some of the organizations we partner with:

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Food Bank
  • San Nicolas Orphanage
  • Friends of Cape Verde – Dock Sud
  • Maximo Paz Retreat Center
  • Puerta del Cielo Children’s Home
  • Hands and Hearts Ministry

To concentrate our efforts, we have a school wide ministry called Hands and Hearts of BAICA.  Rather than having each class sponsor a separate ministry, we work together as a school to serve two organizations here in Argentina.  Both of these organizations are Christian children's homes that we have worked with previously.  These homes are Hogar El Amanecer in San Nicolas, and Puerta del Cielo, in  Boulogne.

Each month all of our elementary children are encouraged to participate in a school-wide project that benefits both of these ministries.  We collect different items that students bring and are then taken to the children’s homes.