It is the policy of BAICA to maintain a school environment that is free from discrimination and to conduct its educational practices, admissions program, financial aid policies, and hiring on the basis of an individual’s qualifications and abilities. BAICA does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, national origin, age, marital status, or disability.


Admission Process

1. Complete this Application for Admissions and present the required documents listed below.
2. Assessment testing in English and/or Math will be scheduled for your child when applicable.
3. For all PK-12 grades students, we will schedule an interview with the student, parents and administration.
4. We will make every attempt to contact you with your child’s acceptance or denial within approximately one week of your interview.

Below you will find a list of information required in the application process:

  • Copy of DNI and/or Passport for student and both parents
  • Copy of Birth certificate (For Elementary and Kindergarten students)
  • One recent photograph, no more than 6 months old, approximately 45 x 35 mm, standard passport size
  • Copy of Immunization Records (For Elementary and Kindergarten students)
  • Current Doctor’s certificate authorizing participation in PE classes
  • Current Dental health certificate
  • Current Eye Doctor certificate
  • Sample of current notebook and books being used (For K to Grade 6 students)
  • From previous school:
    • Last grade Report Card (if coming from another country, it must be legalized by the issuing country)
    • Debt-free certificate
    • Certificate of enrollment
    • (For students Grade 7 and above only): Partial Transcript Reports
    • Grade 7 report card (For students Grade 8 and above coming from a school in Capital Federal)
    • Elementary Certificate of completion (Argentina)
    • If coming from Argentine School: Pase
  • Application for Admissions, completed and signed
  • Medical Information Form, completed and signed
  • School Agreement Form, completed and signed


In the case that the student is not a native English speaker, the school will require an English placement exam.


The above information can be downloaded or printed using the following link: