Buenos Aires International Christian Academy, commonly known as BAICA, is a nondenominational, college-preparatory, Christian, International school located in San Fernando, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Today the school serves the children of diplomatic communities, mission organizations, and business/professional families and provides a dual curriculum program incorporating both the American and Argentine curriculum.

BAICA’s enrollment averages 200 students: 115 in grades Pre K-6, and 85 in grades 7-12. Our student body is approximately 14% North American, 73 % South American, 7% Asian, 4% African and 2% other nationalities. The school represents 17 different nationalities.

English is the primary language of the instruction. It also is very important that our students become fluently bilingual and are able to strongly dominate the languages in which they are being exposed to regularly. This is the reasoning for our rigorous Spanish courses. We seek to create an environment that is inclusive, challenging, and supportive.

BAICA assists and prepares students for the college entrance procedures. We provide opportunities for student to take the PSAT exams and AP exams, and prepare all of our students for the SAT /ACT exams. All of our seniors receive personal assistance in the process of choosing, applying and preparing for the transition into a University. This is part of our personal attention and responsibility to all of our students.

The school hours begin at 8:30am and ends at 4:00pm. The school calendar follows two semesters regiment: first semester being from August to December, and the second semester beginning in February and ending in June.


High School

The school seeks to be true to its identity as an international school, therefore it focuses on guiding our students in having a global and integrated approach to academics. This is done by merging two systems (Argentine and American), and challenging our students to expend their language skills, historical and geographical perspective, political differences, and the influences of faith as it interacts with culture.

Argentina High School Diploma

All of our students, in agreement with the Argentine law, have to be registered under the Argentina curriculum as they enter BAICA. At the end of their high school career, students receive dual degree, one being the Argentine Secondary diploma.  Argentine courses include Construction de la Ciudadania, Cultura y Comunicacion (Culture and communication), Culturas y Esteticas Contenporaneas (contemporary cultures), Derechos Humanos y Ciudadania (Human rights), Argentine Geography I & II,  Arg. & Latin American History I & II, Spanish Literature I, II, Spanish Language, and Research Project.

Advanced Placement Programs (AP)

BAICA offers advanced placement courses through NorthStar (our online academy) to qualified student in order to enhance and expand their educational experience.  NorthStar offers fifteen different AP courses that students can choose based on their interest and capacity. AP courses are university level courses offered to High school students and recognized by 3000 institutions of higher education around the world.


All students are required to complete a minimum of 26 credits in order to graduate from BAICA. Exceptions are made to students in their senior year as they prepare to enter national universities, which begin during the second semester period (March). Since in December, seniors have already fulfilled the requirements for the Argentine diploma, we do facilitate the process for our national students to begin their University Career by allowing them the opportunity to graduate with only their Argentine diploma.



World Lit I, World Lit II, American Literature, British Literature, Adv. English Literature



Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, HNRS Calculus



Integrated Science I & II, Biology, Anatomy, Chemistry, Physics, Health & Adolescence

Social Studies


Ancient World History, Modern World History, US History, US Government

Argentine Geography I & II, Arg. & Latin American History I & II

Spanish History/Literature


Spanish Literature I, II, III, IIII, & Spanish Second Language (SSL)



Physical Education

Fine Arts/Computers


 Percussion, Art, Drama, Dance, Computer



Research, Psychology, Sociology, Economics, Philosophy Citizenship, Communications & Culture, ESL/SSL, BIBLE




A=   90-100 =4       B=   80-89= 3        C= 70-79= 2        D= 60-69= 1        F = 50-59= 0
An addition point is computed for Advanced Placement Courses, designated as AP

Due to the complexity and small number of our student population in regards to language, culture and scholastic background and high turnover of students, we do not rank our students.


  • Southern Association of Colleges and School (SACS)
  • Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI)
  • Argentine Ministry of Education

CEEB Code: 900500



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