• Thank you for your interest in working at BAICA, an international Christian school in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We are looking for people who will embrace a great mission, committed to providing a comprehensive, high quality, global education which instills a biblical worldview; to promoting understanding and acceptance of cultural diversity, a pursuit of lifelong learning, a passion for personal excellence and the potential to become active citizens of the world.
    Openings for 2023-2024 School Year:

      • Elementary Teacher
      • Kindergarten Teacher

    Job Requirements

    Each applicant is required to:

        • Have completed a Bachelor’s degree in education and/or a Bachelor's degree in a related field and/or Teaching Credential degree (if applicable)
        • Agree with our Statement of Faith (to read our Statement of Faith, click here)
        • Be fully fluent in English
        • Be available for a 1-2 year commitments




  • Even though BAICA is a great mission’s opportunity, you will not need to raise large amounts of support! Your support need will largely depend on the size of your family. Here are BAICA’s benefits:
    • A salary sufficient to live locally (13-month salary)
    • Comprehensive health, dental and vision insurance plan
    • Vacation period: 3 weeks in December–January and 2 weeks in Winter Break (June–July)
    • Discounted meals on campus
    • Employee student tuition discount
    Additional benefits for academic staff
    • Vacation period: 5 weeks in December–January , 5 weeks in Winter Break  (June–July)
    • 2 personal days to be used within each academic year
    Additional relocation benefits
    • Working Visa
    • Housing
    • Spanish classes for a year


  • Our mission is based on three core values: service, honor and excellence. For each one we have specific objectives which guide our day to day.Service
    • To help each student to discern how best to contribute to reaching the world for Jesus Christ.
    • To assist each student in developing effective communication, conflict resolution and leadership skills.
    • To encourage each student to appreciate other cultures and to become knowledgeable, active citizens of the world.
    • To encourage each student to become generously involved in the lives of others through giving and service.


    • To encourage each student to enter into a personal relationship with Christ.
    • To stimulate biblical character, spiritual discipline, and growth with Christ through role modeling and training.
    • To help each student develop a godly self-image in a stimulating, caring environment.
    • To train each student to understand the biblical model of authority and to respond to authority figures with respect and obedience.


    • To teach the Bible as the inspired word of God that governs all of life.
    • To develop the necessary learning skills that will enable each student to think logically, independently and creatively throughout life.
    • To provide each student with a strong academic foundation in preparation for higher education.
    • To provide physical and health education which will encourage each student to live an energetic, wholesome and productive life.


    Find out more about working at BAICA (click here)